123 hp setup Printer Support From Start

123.hp.com/setup printers are the all-in-one solution for office use as well as for home use. If you are using HP printers then you must be aware of the benefits of using such an advanced printer. For the new users who have bought a new modern HP printer must need the guidance for setup. Setting up the HP printer is very simple. Here on this page, you will get to know complete information about 123.hp.com/setup.

Get Started for HP Printer Setup

STEPS SIMPLE 123 hp Printer setup

When you purchase the new hp printer, unpack the printer from the box. Follow the step by step instructions for First Time HP printer setup.

  • To Unbox the printer, firstly, you need to clear the packing materials.

  • Next, take out the power cable. Then, connect it to the printer and power source to establish a power connection.

  • Now, turn on the HP printer to proceed further.

  • Feed the papers into the paper tray.

  • After inserting the paper, Install the 123.hp.com ink cartridges on the respective slots.

  • Tips: You will notice a color tape on each ink cartridges slot for correct cartridge insertion. To Feed the paper, take a bunch of neat papers and order them well without curls or wrinkles. To proceed with printer installation follow this link : 123.hp.com/setup

HP Printer Driver Download and Install

Here, you will find the steps for the hp printer software setup. This includes downloading a 123 hp printer setup driver and installing printer software instructions.

  1. To begin with, power on your new HP printer and the devices (MAC or Windows).

  2. Next, open any web browser of your choice (Chrome, Safari, or Mozilla). Go to the 123.hp.com/setup.

  3. Know your printer model number from the HP Printer control panel. Type in your hp printer model number, to avail of the best printer software package.

  4. Pick the Basic software or Full-featured printer driver based on your operating system.

  5. Next, click on the Download option, this will initiate the download process in a few seconds.

  6. Then, go to the Download folder and locate the printer software file.

  7. Finally, Run the software file on your computer to enjoy the printing experience.

  8. Continue with HP Printer driver installation for Windows or Mac using on-screen instructions.

How to Copy and Scan using HP OfficeJet Printers?

First, to continue with copying the originals on the HP OfficeJet printer’s platen glass. Second, tap the Copy option under the Home screen on the control panel. Before that, opt for the amount of copies you want. Tap the Preview icon for Print then press Back. Third, tap the Settings button, and pick the advanced copy settings you like. Click Back and then go back to the Copy page. And to start with, tap Black or Color, the copying job

How to load HP printer paper ?

  • Pull the input and output tray 123 hp com setup printer. Remove any tapes or materials for packaging thereon.

  • Open the entry tray and unlock the tapes on paper width and longitudinal markers.

  • Extend the sheet of paper to the maximum capacity. Take the new plain white paper bundle and load it into the input tray.

  • Drag the markers so that the sheets are tight, but not too close. Once you’re done, close the paper tray.

Printer Issues

  • Paper jam

This may occur due to various reasons like,Improper adjustment of your paper guide width along with the papers. Loading of poor conditioned papers. Spilled paper bits and wastes among stack of papers. Misalignment in bundle of loading unused papers. Wrinkled and curled papers in the stack.

  • Spooler error

The spooler functions to make Printing on the "First Come First Serve" basis by communicating with your HP Printer and your device. The spooler error may be due to various reasons like, Sudden and uncommon changes in the spooler. Miscommunication of spooler with the device or your Printer.

  • Paper jam error

Your printer displays a error message and stops Printing when the paper jam error occurs. In some cases the LED light on your 123.hp.com/setup 123 HP printer blinks to implicate this paper jam error.This paper jam error may be due to

  1. Improper placement of the paper stack.

  2. Loading excess amount of papers.

Frequently Asked Questions

I bought a HP printer. How to begin printing with it ?

Make ready for Connection

  • Prior to the driver installation, be sure you have a functioning network router and an Ethernet cable.

  • Confirm that your computer is connected to the router if it is not already connected. Use a network router having many Ethernet ports.

Note : Don't use the standard telephone cable instead of Ethernet cable.

Connect the printer to the network.

  • Connect the HP printer to your router or network using Ethernet cable.

  • Fix the ends of the Ethernet cable to the printer and to the network router respectively. Detach any plug or the protective cover from the Ethernet port on the rear part of the printer.

  • Now Turn ON the printer.

  1. Try installing the HP software again, if the printer connects to the network.

  2. Proceed to the next step, if the printer does not connects to the network or the install failed.

Disable firewall software on the computer temporarily

A firewall software helps to protect you from unapproved access or a private network. Few settings or configurations of firewall can stop communication with your network HP printers. Hence, follow the below steps to temporarily disable firewall software on your computer.

Tap the Apple menu choose the System Preferences and then Security & Privacy option.

On the Security & Privacy window click Firewall and disable the firewall by clicking Firewall: Off.

Now start installing the HP software again.

1)The issue is resolved, if the install completes. 2)Proceed to the next step, if the install fails.

2)How do I connect my HP printer to Alexa?

Get your printer's email address

The basic need for printing using Alexa is printer's HP ePrint email address.

Find the printer's email address in two ways.

  • Log into ePrintCenter.com and look on the printer's page for the email address.

  • Touch the ePrint button on the front panel and it will display all of the printers web services information.

For HP Printers with touch control panel display.

Get the printer email address from the control panel

  • Touch or press the HP ePrint button or symbol.


  • Click the Setup, Settings, Wireless Settings, or Network Setup to find the Web Services menu in the case of Text based menu 1)Web Services is off: Proceed with instructions to activate the feature and search for HP printer updates. Your Printer automatically prints an info page with instructions to get the email address.

If the email address do not get displayed :

  • Web Services is already enabled:strong> Click Print or Print Info to avail the information page that shows the email address.

Note : If your Printer does not prints the information page ,then switch OFF the Web Services then ON to make the test page or information page printing (for new printer email address).

Tap the Apple menu choose the System Preferences and then Security & Privacy option.

On the Security & Privacy window click Firewall and disable the firewall by clicking Firewall: Off

Now start installing the HP software again.

  • The issue is resolved, if the install completes. 2)Proceed to the next step, if the install fails.